Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations
Adobe Illustrator CC v23.0
21 Oct 2018
Adobe Illustrator CC v22.1
8 Apr 2018
Editorial review
Adobe Illustrator CC v22.0
2 Nov 2017
Adobe Illustrator CC v21.1
8 Apr 2017
Adobe Illustrator CC v20.0
21 Jun 2016
Adobe Illustrator CC v18.0
20 Jun 2014
Adobe Illustrator CC v17.0
18 Jun 2013

What's new

v22.1 [8 Apr 2018]
-See on-screen controls clearly
You can now increase the size of anchor points, handles, and bounding boxes making them even easier to work with.
-Merge data using CSV files
It’s easier than ever to merge data in the Variables Panel now that you can use CSV or XML files.
-Import multiple page PDFs
Save time when you import all the pages of a PDF all at once. You can choose a page range or select individual pages.
-Dropbox Smart Sync improvements
Now you can browse your Dropbox files without inadvertently downloading them.

v22.0 [2 Nov 2017]
Issues fixed in Illustrator CC (version 22.0.1)
• Unable to export artwork as PNG other than 72 ppi using the October 2017 release of Illustrator CC
• Text layout issues while working with Japanese text with the None preset applied for Mojikumi and Kinsoku
Enhancements in Illustrator CC (version 22.0)
• You can now disable zoom to selection. Go to Preferences > Selection And Anchor Display and then deselect the Zoom To Selection option.
• You can now create text objects, select text, or edit text in sequence without having to reselect the Text tool.
• You can now preview font characteristics, such as size, style, leading, and tracking in real time by simply hovering over the font characteristics in the Control panel and the Character panel. For details, see Fonts.
• The Missing Font dialog is now enabled for Composite fonts. If your document has one or more fonts missing from the Composite font, an alert message appears when you open it.
• The text caret is more responsive now. For example, the text caret now appears promptly on the screen as you type. The length of the text caret increases or decreases when you change the font size.
• Now, when you triple-click anywhere in a paragraph or use Ctrl/Cmd Up/Down Arrow keys, Illustrator selects the entire paragraph even if it contains forced line breaks.
• When you convert a spot color into a process color (CMYK), Illustrator displays the correct CMYK values according to the standards communicated by the International Color Consortium (ICC).
• Now, scripts in the Actions panel are preserved when you relaunch Illustrator.
• A new swatch is now a Global swatch by default.
• New Document dialog box improvements:
o The New Document dialog box displays the units of measurement in the text boxes, such as Width and Height.
o You can use the formulas: add, subtract, multiply, or divide for quick computations of the preset dimensions in the New Document dialog box.
o You can specify the Color Mode, Raster Effects, and Preview Mode of your document.
• You can now use the Path > Join (Ctrl/ Command J) command in Illustrator to join the endpoints of compound paths and artwork in different groups.
• Now, when the folder containing the Illustrator document and the linked files is moved, Illustrator automatically finds and updates the linked files using the current path of the Illustrator document.

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